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Mesquite IT KB Version 2015

This is Mesquite IT 2011.4 release. This is one of the biggest releases, since we started this many years ago. We are now over 639 topics. This release covers a lot of material in PHP. We have been spending most of 20 11 in PHP become it probably is our most second popular language that we use at Mesquite IT.  We are at Microsoft shop but we are heavily embracing PHP for many reasons, check out all the new topics we added in PHP, and you'll find out very quickly why we like it so much. VFP is still our flagship and we are working many projects still in VFP but with the ever changing demand of our clients we are moving more and more toward web application, and we believe our flagship for web development will be PHP. We thought ASP.Net or C# was going to be our web application preference, but our clients have spoken and have demanded other technologies. By other, I mean open source and therefore PHP found its way into our company it is a great open source platform.