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Our Website Was Hacked Summer Of 2015

Mesquite IT, was hacked in the summer of 2015. They had injected porno wherever we had graphics. We had caught the issue quickly and took steps to immediately fix it. We also took additional security measures to prevent this from happening again. Although we do not keep personal information about any visitor on our website we just wanted to inform the visitors that this has happened and therefore you are seeing syntax errors on the site. The reason for this syntax error, is, we cleaned up our site to remove any reference to any porn thus leaving behind dangling reference which causes those errors. It was decided by our company we would no longer use the technology that we had used to publish our website and our efforts would be better served creating a new website. This new website should launch at the end of summer 2016.

My deepest apology to our users and visitors.

Claude Nikula, President and CEO