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Update 8/08/2013 Mesquite IT at the San Diego Visual FoxPro User Group


Version Control Software for VFP Projects


My name is Claude Nikula. (Some of you know me of as Nick.) I am the owner of Mesquite Information Technologies, LLC.

I have been programming for over twenty years, and one thing that I have learned is, I can not run my business without Version Control.

Many of us, who program in VFP know of version control software. Probably the most popular one was Microsoft Visual Source Safe (VSS) version 5 and 6. However though they did have their own issues. Most programmers especially VFP programmers were able to overcome those issues because they were the only member on the development team.

There are many more version control software available, but, when dealing with ASCII files and binary files like in VFP and you have multiple team members, you need to come up with a strategy that will guarantee you success with your version control. I will discuss multiple version control software applications their pros and cons and show you a enterprise strategy on how to use them with VFP. It does not matter if you have 2 or 100+ members on your team.