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Mesquite IT is pleased and proud of their knowledge based document. This knowledge based document is compiled with various development documents, white paper, and code samples. Mesquite IT refers to many of these articles and we thought it would be nice to share this with other developers around the globe. Mesquite IT will attempt to update this document on a quarterly basis, and we hope that you find this document as useful as we do at Mesquite IT. We attempted in most cases to give the document author the credit and additional links for that author for you to do further research on your particular subject. Speaking of particular subjects if you would like to contribute to this document please feel free to send us whatever resource you have to add to the document. We will attempt to get the information into the document by the next release. For contact information refer to the document. Some of the subjects that are currently being covered in the document are: SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and MYSQL, 2000 Knowledge Base articles, Tool Tips, Visual FoxPro articles, Security issues, Windows Operating System articles etc. etc. I hope you find it as useful as we did. To download or view from online, select it from the URL'sbelow.

Feb 3, 2012

This is Mesquite IT 2011.4 release. This is one of the biggest releases, since we started this many years ago. We are now over 639 topics. This release covers a lot of material in PHP. We have been spending most of 20 11 in PHP become it probably is our most second popular language that we use at Mesquite IT.  We are at Microsoft shop but we are heavily embracing PHP for many reasons, check out all the new topics we added in PHP, and you'll find out very quickly why we like it so much. VFP is still our flagship and we are working many projects still in VFP but with the ever changing demand of our clients we are moving more and more toward web application, and we believe our flagship for web development will be PHP. We thought ASP.Net or C# was going to be our web application preference, but our clients have spoken and have demanded other technologies. By other, I mean open source and therefore PHP found its way into our company it is a great open source platform.

Feb 3, 2011

Mesquite IT, has released version 2010.4 of their knowledge based document. See all the new alerts from Microsoft. We also have reorganized all of the KB Alerts and other topic, this should help you in finding what you are looking for faster. We know time is of value to you. We have been doing lots of work with PHP and CMS which involves MYSQL so you will find a new topic for MYSQL in this release. We are currently involves in a Web project that is going to be running on a IBM i-Series (AS400) Server, I would not be surprise if you where to find a topic dedicated to the i-Series.

Please consider contributing. Thanks 

Oct 8, 2010 - Special Note About CHM Files:

You may find that on occasion you cannot view the content of CHM files on Windows Vista or Window 7

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Mesquite IT KB online Version 2011.4 02/03/2012

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If you like what you have been reading and it has helped you, please consider contributing to the cause. What will your contribution do? It will allow us to continue to update the knowledge base with many more white papers and technical documents. In the past we have never asked for any contribution. However, the document has grown into such a large volume that it requires a considerable amount of our time to maintain and continue updating it. So, we at Mesquite IT would like to thank you in advance for contributing.